Valldemosa, a little treasure in the Sierra de Tramontana.

Mallorca. It’s sole name will take us to turquoise water summers, white beaches and fun.

Yes, you can go to Palma de Mallorca and do some sightseeing, then dive into the mediterranean waters, and think you’ve done all of the ‘musts’ in the island, well, if you think that…you’re wrong.

To pay a visit to Sierra de Tramontana is something needed when wanting to make the most of your visit to Mallorca. It sounds like this island has it all: Beach, city and mountain… Too bad young german girls go there to party (among other things…) and build a whole different reputation for the island… Too bad for them, for us rest of the mortals is actually good news, less crowded places anyone?

All along the mountain chain that it is the Sierra we will find the cutest little towns, if you have the chance to get a car and drive around it’s amazing to spend the day driving through it’s winding roads and make quick stops in each town. They usually are little, with stone built houses, little cafes and some of them, like Valldemosa, are very well preserved and filled with little details that  will delight any photography lover.

The Sierra de Tramontana is a Unesco’s World Heritage Site, reason why at the entrance road of every little town there’s a proud sign announcing it.

Valldemosa’s fame comes not only because of it’s beauty, but also because some historical personalities spent some creative times there, like Chopin himself, that during his stay in Valldemosa composed his Preludes Op.28… If you wish to travel with your imagination to a time where Chopin found his inspiration walking through Valldemosa’s little stone streets, here’s his work, just press play and continue reading:

This makes me wonder about a lot of really important issues, such as: How did you get a piano to Valldemosa in those times? It must have been really expensive, meaning Chopin had some big money…

Chopin is a personal favourite of mine, have i spent hours and hours with my earplugs on listening to Chopin’s Nocturnes to silence all the stupidity going on around me, i mean, have you ever worked in an office? He gave me countless moments of peace, and for that, he has a place in my heart.

Other famous personalities lived in this amazing town, like writer Jorge Luis Borges, and Rubén Darío. It seems to be that the Sierra has an inspiring effect on it’s visitors, and maybe all of this artists knew about this…

Vistas en Valldemossa.

Views in  Valldemossa.

The most important construction of Valdemossa has to be the “Cartuja”, a palace that is also known as the palace of King Sancho. There’s no actual need for me to point out that King Sancho lived there, it’s evident, though if you really think about it he probably didn’t live there as much, here in Europe’s brimming with palaces and huge constructions that were built to the whims of monarchs, summer mansions or amazing palaces built as a gift or maybe to spend a few days a year here and there… What is known as the Cartuja of Valldemosa nowadays includes a church and other constructions as well.

But this is information you can easily get out of Wikipedia, and i doubt you ended up in this blog just so you can get historical facts, right?

Valldemosa’s essence is different… Is the one of little mountain shops and little spanish bars. Is the one of little houses with their little plants and little colorful flowers around their doors.

You won’t ever know a place by reading it’s Wikipedia article, much less a place like Valldemosa, filled with uphill and downhill stone roads, with little nooks and little lanterns as street lights.

Valldemosa 9

Valldemosa 10

Valldemosa 11

This brings more important questions to my head, like… Where do they get those miniature lamps inside the lanterns? Please, i need to know! Do they buy them online in Aliexpress? Do they do it all toghether to save in shipment costs? Like, are there town meetings to organize such an event? This is killing me. If you saw the actual lanterns you would know what i mean.

If you ever pay a visit to Valldemosa you can’t leave without trying the Coca de Patata. Or maybe Potato Bun? I don’t know what the right translation is, so just imagine a bun, soft tasted and covered in powdered sugar, all served with an amazing hot chocolate… Not bad huh?


There’s a coffee place that seems to be the ‘it’ place to have a coca, it has a beautiful interior terrace and some other delights that i didn’t get to try, but soon regreted it, so don’t make the same mistake i did!

The Cocas de Patata are actually a Mallorca’s typical pastry, so in almost every bakery around the Sierra you will probably find them just out of the oven during the mornings for breakfast and during the afternoon for the merienda or afternoon snack.

Near the cartuja you can find Carrer de Uruguay, or what is the same, my country’s street! So any compatriot of mine that goes there has a mandatory picture to take! Preferably like mine, i pointed at the sign and looked all smart doing it, because i was very original with that pose and i felt original, which you can see in my expression, don’t be jealous, not EVERYONE is as original as me.

Valldemosa 12

I went to this amazing town one winter afternoon, when the sun hides quickly behind the mountains… If you have a car and some time, make sure to plan a quick trip to Valldemosa’s Port where you will see one breathtaking sunset.

I will visit this little port in my next post, so don’t miss it!!!


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