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I really don’t like Madrid…But,

I don’t like Madrid.

It’s a nice city, don’t get me wrong, but everytime i go i come back home feeling like i didn’t see anything different.

It is also a very big city and i doubt that i’ve seen enough as to have a 100% valid opinion, so you are warned.

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The Cuevas dels Hams: Like going to mars on earth.

Never in a million years i have thought i could feel teleported to a seventies movie about martians. When you visit the Cuevas dels Hams in Mallorca, it’s not hard to figure yourself landing in Mars, waving at the friendly martians…

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Valldemosa, a little treasure in the Sierra de Tramontana.

Mallorca. It’s sole name will take us to turquoise water summers, white beaches and fun.

Yes, you can go to Palma de Mallorca and do some sightseeing, then dive into the mediterranean waters, and think you’ve done all of the ‘musts’ in the island, well, if you think that…you’re wrong.

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