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Dear Río de la Plata, will you take me to Buenos Aires?

Note to reader: This post as many others will have many native words from uruguayan/argentinian culture, the ones marked with ‘*’ will be described at the end of each post. Enjoy!

Sigue leyendo

Soon in english! :)

As i’ve expressed before, i would very much like to offer to you guys my travelling experiences and life adventures both in spanish and english.

It’s quite a hard work (turns out that every time i start translating new things come up and i just keep on writing!), but i can finally say that it is a reality that will be available in a few days for anyone who can read english, i’m very happy and proud to share my tales with a wider range of readers, and reach as many of you around the globe as i can!

It will be a slow but steady journey, so be patient, eventually all of my posts will be uploaded!
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Also, once the english part of the blog is completely updated, you will find every new post published both in spanish and english in the home page.

Meanwhile, you can always find me on Instagram where i always post new content captioned both in spanish and english, follow me —> @ciudadanablog

Have fun!